Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Night of Disposition

The latest bundle from Snuggly Books is now available for order. This includes my up-coming collection of stories and novellas, The Exalted and the Abased (which will be available on its own on October 19th).

The Exalted and the Abased collects four stories reprinted from older collections along with two previously unpublished novellas, each of which comprises a fairly major work. 

The contents are as follows: 
The Ivory Sovereign 
The Notary 
The Hieromantic Mirror 
The Exalted and the Abased
An Incident in the House of Destiny
A Night of Amethyst

Of these, the title story and A Night of Amethyst are new. 

The bundle can be purchased here: 

I'll post again when The Exalted and the Abased is available for purchase on its own. 

“You’ve passed into a house of catastrophic repute—the carpets confound, the lamps conceal, the passages obstruct, and the locks are unfaithful. The night has crept in through a crack in the foundation and impersonates the night watch. Even the shadows revolt against the light—they cluster around it like a company of pickpockets.”

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Two Podcast Interviews

I've just done two different podcast interviews, each of them partly focused on occult practice and partly focused on writing. 

The first is with Praxis Behind the Obscure and is roughly two hours long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wiHWdzzNdU&t=1324s

The second is with Magick Without Fears and is roughly 3 hours: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0sAtL3ORDfvL0bEotKwHdb

Topics discussed include details about my occult background, initiation, teaching occultism, running a temple, The Bornless Rite, Enochian, grimoires, writing, occult fiction, Neo-Decadence, and far too many other things to list. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Narcissus Variations

I'm honored to announce the impending release of The Narcissus Variations on Mount Abraxas Press, a novella dedicated to the Kibbo Kift and to the fortuitous ambiguity of memory. 

A white rhinoceros, a resurrected king, a river that flows into the heart of night, the amassing of thrushes, the discharge of artillery, a rotating chamber replete with false doors, invisible signals, a cunning sentry, the manipulation of recording tape, an illustrious imposter, the wailing of torches, a desperate man trapped in a hallucinated boudoir—The Narcissus Variations weaves these disparate themes into a narrative thread tied in intricate knots to comprise a novella steeped in labyrinthine intrigues and startling revelations.

The Narcissus Variations can be purchased directly from the publisher by sending an inquiry to exoccidente@gmail.comor pre-ordered from Ziesing Books in the US. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Neo-Decadence: 12 Manifestos

I'm very happy to announce the impending release of Neo-Decadence: 12 Manifestos on Snuggly Books. My Manifesto of Neo-Decadent Occultism is included, along with several others (a couple of which I was honored to contribute to). 

The early 21st Century: a gilded age of pious guilt, poison nostalgia, environmental collapse, unchecked pandemics, corporate franchises, workshopped creativity and personal brands. Standing against the Neo-Passéist tide, Neo-Decadence presents a total reformulation of everyday life. What is the vertical table? Why is a sex helmet indispensable for all assignations? What is the proper spirit of electronic gaming? Covering fashion, cooking, architecture, occultism, poetry, gardening, and other areas of concern to all young people, the present volume is the ONLY resource for those wishing to shrug off the cerements of late capitalist literature and art. If you’ve ever wanted to proudly commit commercial suicide while serving your own head on a plate as an offering to your inner daemon, consult this collection of manifestos—as much a personal style guide as it is a declaration of uncompromising aesthetic war.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Night at the Ministry

I'm honored to have a story, "Night at the Ministry", in the latest Egaeus Press release: Bitter Distillations, An Anthology of Poisonous Tales

My narrative will be featured alongside the work of Jonathan Wood, Rose Biggin, Timothy J. Jarvis, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Ron Weighell, Nina Antonia, Lisa L. Hannett, George Berguño, Sheryl Humphrey, Kathleen Jennings, Louis Marvick, Stephen J. Clark, Joseph Dawson, Yarrow Paisley, Jason E. Rolfe, Alison Littlewood and Carina Bissett.

The book can be ordered directly from the publishers website.

(Photos by Mark Beech)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Acephalic Imperial


Here begins my decent into something for which I have no words.

The Acephalic Imperial, which sits somewhere between a novella and a short novel, is officially released today. It can be purchased directly from the publisher or through the usual online channels (Ziesing Books, bookshop.org, Amazon, et al.) 

Inspired in part by the work of Patricia Highsmith, George Simenon, and Claude Chabrol, the narrative involves a woman that takes a position as a live-in maid in a large and stylish manor. Her duties are highly unconventional, to say the least, having more to do with voyeurism and acts of indiscretion than cleaning or maintaining order. As it becomes increasingly clear that her employer is subjecting her to a tenuous game of provocation and transgression, she resolves to find out precisely how far his obsessions might be pushed. What follows is a story that revolves around a double axis—that of obedience and disobedience, explicit and implicit rules, loyalty and treachery, and the twin heads of the imperial eagle whose icon is found in every region of the house.

Only the sovereign without a head is truly fit to wear the crown.

Also, just out on Eibonvale Press, is The Neo-Decadent Cookbook, which features a short piece of mine, entitled “The Immaculate Scrambled Automat.” My contribution, a pleasant dystopian occult science fiction piece, is honored to share space with some of the finest work in the Neo-Decadent tradition, including contributions by Justin Isis, Quentin S. Crisp, Brendan Connell, Daniel Corrick, Jason Rolfe, and others. 

Further publication news is forthcoming. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Fragments of a Thesis Banned for Obscenity

Three new stories have officially been published since last I updated this site. "One Thousand Sleeping Souls Lie Best Unknowing and Distressed" appears in The Man from Dusseldorf: A Tribute to Claus Laufenberg from Snuggly Books, edited by Brendan Connell and available directly from the publisher, as well as from Amazon, et al.

My short story "Naphtha" has been included in In Stefan's House: A Weird Fiction Tribute to Stefan Grabinski, available on the Dunhams Manor Press website.

"The Bastion Overwhelmed", a short piece, has been published by Raphus Press in English and Portuguese along with an allegorical narrative by Alcebiades Diniz Miguel. The book is available from the publisher's website.

Coming soon
"The Immaculate Scrambled Automat" in The Neo-Decadent Cookbook, edited by Brendan Connell for Eibonvale Press.
The Neo-Decadent Manifesto of Occultism from Snuggly Books.
The Acephalic Imperial, a novella which will be released as a standalone publication from Snuggly Books.