Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Star of Gnosia

I am elated to announce that The Star of Gnosia, my second offering on Snuggly Books, is now officially released and available for order.

The Star of Gnosia collects five hallucinatory narratives steeped in secrecy and transgression, complex rites and protocols, the delirium of the sleepless wanderer and the obsessions of the savant.

Ceremonial initiations, forgotten sacraments, inexplicable machines, and God-intoxicated exiles are brought together by duplicitous stratagems and infernal revelations in which the gates of the senses are ravaged by fires both sacerdotal and profane.

The Imperishable Sacraments 
The Apostatical Ascetic 
A Perilous Ordeal
The Hour of the Minotaur
The Star of Gnosia 

The final story in the book, "The Star of Gnosia", is a fairly long novella that has not been published elsewhere. 

The book is available directly from Snuggly Books, as well as from AmazonBarnes & Noble, et al. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Drowing in Beauty

I am honored, soaked in ether, distilled, and ceremonially set aflame to announce the availability of Drowning in Beauty: The Neo-Decadent Anthology, published by Snuggly Books, edited by Daniel Corrick and Justin Isis, and including a story by myself.

From the publisher: 

From the ashes of countless decayed Modernities comes Neo-Decadence, a profaned cathedral whose broken stained glass windows still glitter irregularly in the harsh light of a Symbolist sun. Behind this marvellously vandalised edifice, a motley band of revellers picnic in the graveyard of the Real, leaving behind all manner of rotting delicacies and toxic baubles in their wake. During the last eighty years, world culture has seen an explosion of popular aesthetics, art-forms and the movements associated with them: clothing, trends in fashion, tattoos, recreational drugs, musical sub-cultures, cosmetics, photography—all of which can be the subject of obsessions, damnations and salvations. Devices and formats, initially vulgar, are worshipped, only to be forgotten by all but the few initiates who, through their maniacal fixations, manage to uncover their hidden allure. These twelve stories and their preceding manifestos, then, arise from a shift in aesthetic consciousness: synaesthesia, ecstasy in extremes, the Divine and Infernal alike seen through a neurasthenic lens of supreme focus.

Daniel Corrick - Introduction
Brendan Connell - First Manifesto of Neo-Decadence
Justin Isis - Second Manifesto of Neo-Decadence
Brendan Connell - Molten Rage
Justin Isis - The Quest for Nail Art
Damian Murphy - A Mansion of Sapphire
Yarrow Paisley - Arnold of Our Time
Ursula Pflug - Fires Halfway
Colby Smith - Somni Draconis
Colin Insole - The Meddlers
DP Watt - Jack
Avalon Brantley - Great Seizers' Ghosts
Daniel Corrick - Chameleon is to Peacock as Salamander is to Phoenix
Quentin S. Crisp - Amen 
James Champagne - XYSchaton

Paperback, 256 pages
USA: $16.95

The book is available directly from the publisher, as well as Amazon, Book Depository, and several other distributors. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Living Heart of the Panopticon

I am extremely happy and excited to be able to unveil the multiple components of A Spy in the Panopticon, which has just been released by Mount Abraxas Press. Click on the images for larger resolution. 

(Photos by Dan Ghetu)

Artwork by Bethany WhiteNaked Star, Mikhail Vrubel, and Victor Hugo. For purchase information, contact exoccidente@gmail.com or andy@coldtonnage.com. The book should also be available at Ziesing Books in the US within a couple of weeks. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Spy in the Panopticon

Art and Calligraphy by Bethany White

I am honored and very excited to announce A Spy in the Panopticon, a boxed set of my latest work which will be released by Mount Abraxas Press in February, 2018. 

A woman peers through a hidden eyepiece into a bedroom of lavish design in ‘A Spy in the Panopticon’, the title novella. What she observes in the exquisite chamber is progressively unraveled over the course of an intricately woven narrative, the many threads of which converge upon a series of increasingly enigmatic motifs: lenses, mirrors, cameras, and prisms; illicit transmissions and invisible signals; unspeakable passwords and etheric emanations; and the infiltration of an inexplicable ministry replete with intrigues, counter-plots, and duplicitous technologies.

A crucial document is laboriously authenticated beneath the ravages of the wild hunt in ‘The Notary’. ‘Paraffin’ follows the descent of a housemaid into the impossible depths of her employer’s past. Two siblings, in ‘That Holy and Formless Fire’, engage in precarious activities involving a transistor radio and a book of poetry. In ‘Imperium’, an infirmity suffered by the wife of a magistrate reveals an ingenious and well-concealed stratagem.

A Spy in the Panopticon

i. The Spyhole
ii. The Mirror
iii. The Camera
iv. The Prism
v. Signal/Transmission
vi. Blackout
vii. The Spy in the Panopticon

The Notary

That Holy and Formless Fire


Purchase information coming soon. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Scandal of the First Act of Creation

Wound of Wounds: An Ovation for Emil Cioran is back from the printers at last. 

Shipping begins mid-next week. The book will still be available from Fantastic Literature in the UK, and Ziesings in the US as soon as they receive their copies. After three months from today's date, a free PDF copy of the book will be available on request from myself or from the publisher at exoccidente@gmail.com

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wound of Wounds

An Ovation for Emil Cioran

I am extremely pleased, humbled, honored, and exalted to announce the latest anthology from Mount Abraxas Press in Bucharest, edited by D.T. Ghetu and myself. Wound of Wounds will be published as two deluxe volumes in a single slipcase, and is expected to be released in early December. 

Eugene Thacker

Bach’s Marionettes
Douglas Thompson

The Aristocracy of Weak Nerves
Justin Isis

This Disquiet Demiurge
Alcebiades Diniz Miguel

He is Heading Your Way Already
Rhys Hughes

The Translator of God's Silence
Thomas Strømsholt

Saint Severina's Fire
Damian Murphy

Horrill Hill
Karim Ghahwagi

Dead Engrained Skin
Jonathan Wood

The Funeral Cry
Stephan Friedman 

Obsolete Systems
Adam Golaski

The Genealogy of Night
Andrew Condous

The Infinite Error
Jon Padgett

The Treasons of the Rue de L'Odeon
Colin Insole

Pay No Worship to the Garish Sun
D.P. Watt 

The European Monster Part II
Adam S. Cantwell 

Writing Instructions
Charles Schneider 

We will proceed with fiery sermons and scathing condemnations, written over the course of a single sleepless night, scribed beneath the light of our afflictions and sealed with the blood of our iniquities; we’ll pen testaments to the intoxication of the exile, the self-abnegation of the poet, the secret narcissism of the mystic, and the immolation of the saint in the intolerable fires of perfection; what is needed is nothing less than a full-scale assault upon the bastions of fate and servitude—black epistles written on discarded cigarettes, smuggled in the broken hearts of the defectors, on the merits and the tedium of the labor of abandonment. 

Emil Cioran, you have a lot to answer for.

Purchase information coming soon. 
For inquires and details, write to: exoccidente@gmail.com 

Friday, August 4, 2017


I could not be more pleased to announce the release of my new book, Abyssinia, on the Mount Abraxas imprint of Ex Occidente Press in Bucharest. The book is printed in a new format, which is, in my opinion, the most exquisite style yet from this most exquisite of presses.

Abyssinia follows the intrigues and deceptions of two women, each of which are staying in one of seven luxury suites in the Hotel Argentum. The suites are named after former European territories whose boundaries have since been subsumed. Petra has checked into Fiume, whose final days were spent beneath the deranged auspices of the poet and dictator Gabriele D’Annunzio. Celia is staying in Galicia, whose fate was sealed soon after the First World War. Between the women stands Karl Reginald von Lobkowicz, an antiquated doll which Celia is seldom seen without. Petra’s fascination vacillates between the cracked and blemished figure and its eccentric owner. The matter is further complicated by the appearance of an eighth suite, which appears to be concealed somewhere within the Hotel grounds.

Abyssinia draws its intoxicating atmosphere from Robert Altman's Three Women, Claude Chabrol’s Les Biches, and Ingmar Bergman’s Persona.

More info here:

Copies can be reserved with Ziesing Books in the US by emailing info@ziesings.com, and with Fantastic Literature and Cold Tonnage in the UK. For more info, email exoccidente@gmail.com.