Thursday, January 17, 2019

Psalms of the Magistrate

I am honored and more than pleased to announce that my latest novella, Psalms of the Magistrate, will be released on Mount Abraxas Press within the next week. The book, which promises to be the most exquisite of my works released on this fabulous press yet, will be printed entirely in black ink on thick, red paper.

Psalms of the Magistrate is a hallucinatory novella featuring rites of seduction and deception, stolen keys and cryptographic canticles, the oracular pronouncements of a fetishist and the pernicious kiss of the whip, all of which are inextricably bound by threads of innocence and provocation beneath the devastating shadow of a local deity.

The book can be purchased directly from the publisher by sending an inquiry to exoccidente@gmail.comor pre-ordered from Cold Tonnage in the UK or Ziesing Books in the US. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Flower Dream Sermon

I am honored to announce that my story, "Flower Dream Sermon", is included in the anthology from Egaeus Press, The Book of Flowering.

The book will feature new tales of strangeness, beauty, impermanence, and exfoliation by Mark Valentine, V. H. Leslie, Charles Schneider, Thomas Strømsholt, Timothy J. Jarvis, Mat Joiner, Ron Weighell, Tiffani Angus, John Gale, Reggie Oliver, Sheryl Humphrey, D. P. Watt, Colin Insole, Alison Littlewood, Jonathan Wood, Rebecca Kuder, N. A. Jackson, and myself.

The book is now available to order from the Egaeus Press website.