Saturday, May 6, 2017

Daughters of Apostasy

It is a pleasure and an honor to announce that Daughters of Apostasy, a collection of my stories and novellas, is now available to order from Snuggly Books as part of The Latin Bundle. There are six books in total, including new masterpieces from Quentin S. Crisp and Rhys Hughes, as well as three classics of decadent and symbolist literature which have never before appeared in English. The books can be purchased in paperback or hardcover (the former shown above, the latter below). Daughters of Apostasy will be available to buy as a standalone book on September 18, while the bundle ships in early June.

The bundle can be ordered here:

An act of trespass, the subtle topology of an opulent hotel, a lengthy composition involving an exiled abbess, a letter mailed to an unknown recipient, a border station concealed by inexplicable winds, an antiquated electronic game, a rite of passage modulated by a metronome, a Gnostic heresy, a ruined church, an employee engaged in illicit acts of passion: by these and several other devices do the daughters of apostasy seek to irritate the vessels of the earth. Strange wine may be distilled thereby, and thus might the obsessive aspirant perceive the tenets of a hidden doctrine.
In these five stories and novellas, the intrigues and stratagems of interlopers, initiates, poets, and bibliophiles are revealed in all their illicit splendor. By way of complex and labyrinthine routes do they come to obtain impossible relics not known even among the kings of the earth.

The Scourge and the Sanctuary
Permutations of the Citadel
The Salamander Angel (long version)
A Book of Alabaster
The Music of Exile

The first four pieces have previously appeared in collections published by Les Éditions de L’Oubli (Infra Noir and A Distillate of Heresy), while 'The Music of Exile', the longest story in the book, is new and has not been published elsewhere.