Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Spy in the Panopticon

Art and Calligraphy by Bethany White

I am honored and very excited to announce A Spy in the Panopticon, a boxed set of my latest work which will be released by Mount Abraxas Press in February, 2018. 

A woman peers through a hidden eyepiece into a bedroom of lavish design in ‘A Spy in the Panopticon’, the title novella. What she observes in the exquisite chamber is progressively unraveled over the course of an intricately woven narrative, the many threads of which converge upon a series of increasingly enigmatic motifs: lenses, mirrors, cameras, and prisms; illicit transmissions and invisible signals; unspeakable passwords and etheric emanations; and the infiltration of an inexplicable ministry replete with intrigues, counter-plots, and duplicitous technologies.

A crucial document is laboriously authenticated beneath the ravages of the wild hunt in ‘The Notary’. ‘Paraffin’ follows the descent of a housemaid into the impossible depths of her employer’s past. Two siblings, in ‘That Holy and Formless Fire’, engage in precarious activities involving a transistor radio and a book of poetry. In ‘Imperium’, an infirmity suffered by the wife of a magistrate reveals an ingenious and well-concealed stratagem.

A Spy in the Panopticon

i. The Spyhole
ii. The Mirror
iii. The Camera
iv. The Prism
v. Signal/Transmission
vi. Blackout
vii. The Spy in the Panopticon

The Notary

That Holy and Formless Fire


Purchase information coming soon. 

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